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Biofouling Control
How are we Different?
Sound Velocity for Multi-Beam Systems
CTD Instruments
DO2, Turbidity, Chlorophyll...and Others
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AML Oceanographic (formerly Applied Microsystems) is an innovative manufacturer of Sound Velocity, CTD and Environmental sensors, probes and instruments. Our customers are located in more than 100 countries and include organizations in the fields of hydrography, science and research, and environmental monitoring. Our tagline - Xchange your old ideas - brings to life our commitment to generate fresh, innovative ideas for our industry.   

 Press Release:

August 29, 2014 - AML Oceanographic is preparing its inaugural UV Biofouling Control Seminar, to be held on October 2nd in Victoria, BC, Canada. Presentations will be given by AML members on how AML has harnessed this technology, the case studies that have proven the product capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of applications, and more. Tom Dakin, Sensor Technologies Development Officer at Ocean Networks Canada, will present “Testing a UV Antifouling System on the Ocean Networks Canada Observatory for Scientific Instrumentation.” Read more...

August 27, 2014 - Michael Marek, Sales Manager for the Asia/Pacific region, will present on AML's UV Biofouling Control on Thursday, September 4th as part of the Conference Program at OI China in Shanghai. Taking place within the Ocean Observing Systems and Instrumentation session, UV Light: A New Method of Biofouling Control will begin at 12:10. Come by the presentation or visit us at booth A45 to learn more about this exciting technology!
  Biofouling Control
UV•Xchange is a non-contact, non-toxic solution that prevents growth on any surface with which it is aligned, ensuring data remains accurate for the duration of deployment. Read more...

  How are we Different?

What makes AML Oceanographic unique from other vendors of ocean instrumentation?  Simply put, AML is the only manufacturer of Sensor Xchangeable instruments in our industry. Learn more...

Xchange Sensors - Field-swappable sensors - AML Oceanographic
  Sound Velocity for Multi-Beam Systems
Accurate sound velocity data is a critical input for any multi-beam system, regardless of manufacturer.  Learn more...
  CTD Instruments
AML has been manufacturing CTDs - conductivity, temperature, and pressure instruments - since the early 80's.  We have multiple models of CTD, specifically designed for vertical profiling and vehicle integration applications.  Learn more...
  DO2, Turbidity, Chlorophyll...and Others
Sometimes, researchers wish to measure other parameters - turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH - along with their basic CTD data. AML integrates 27 different configurations of such sensors with our CTDs. Learn more...
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