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  Base•X: Entry Level Logging Profiler
BaseX.png The Base•X is a rugged, shallow water logging instrument. Designed for profiling in coastal waters, the instrument includes a shackle, a sensor cage, and an LED status indicator to simplify deployment preparation. Highspeed 25Hz sampling ensures excellent data resolution. The Base•X’s compact size and  compatibility with AML’s XchangeTM sensor-head architecture make it the ideal companion for the shallow water hydrographic surveyor. 

Like all other X•Series instruments, the Base•X uses XchangeTM field-swappable sensors. The Base•X is available for use with conductivity, sound velocity, temperature, pressure, and turbidity XchangeTM sensors. This means  that sensor heads can be shared with other  instruments, regardless of instrument size or  type. 

Total flexibility - of instrument model, of sensor type, and of sensor range - ensures that  the right instrument is always available. Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration: instead of sending the entire instrument back to a recalibration centre, calibrated sensor-heads can be sent to the instrument. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one sensor-head and replace it with another.

What is the X•Series?

With the X•Series, your CTD can be an SVTP; shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep; temperature range can be adjusted as needed. All X•Series instruments allow the user to change instrument sensor-load in-the-field and on demand. The X•Series uses XchangeTM sensor-heads, which are field-swappable, interchangeable, and shareable with all other models of X•Series instruments. Field-swappable sensors also dramatically simplify recalibration. Click here for more detail on the benefits of X•Series

Available Sensor-Heads: 

 X•Series instruments are compatible with one of four types of XchangeTM sensor-heads: sound velocity (SV XchangeTM), conductivity (C XchangeTM), temperature (T XchangeTM), or pressure (P XchangeTM). Sensor-heads are ordered separately.

Maximum Deployment Depth:  100 meters

Brochures:    English     Japanese     Mandarin

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The Base-X is normally sold with the following Xchange sensor-heads:

Maximum Deployment Depth: 6000 meters

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This sensor-head is normally in stock; however, demand is exceeding supply. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Maximum Deployment Depth: Varies depending upon sensor range

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Stocked Item:
Quantity in stock varies by sensor range; please click on the P•Xchange™ link above for availability.